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Lydgate RotaKids

RotaKids is a great way for primary school children to get together and enjoy working on a fun project, whilst learning about the importance of citizenship and respecting others and themselves.

Lydgate RotaKids' aim is to raise money for charities globally, nationally and within our local community.

RotaKids are respected citizens and have agreed to follow the pledge below.

"As a RotaKid, I promise,

To be fair to all,

To serve my community,

To show respect for others."

The Batley Rotarians came to school to award us with certificates and badges when we officially became RotaKids. 


Some of the RotaKids had the opportunity to visit the Howlands Centre in Dewsbury to create some art work alongside 3 other schools in our area. 

The new RotaKids are now 'official' as they took part in their charter where they were presented with a badge and a certificate by official Rotarians for memorising and understanding thier pledge. They were then treated to cake and juice! 

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