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Lydgate Lodge

We are very proud to work closely with the staff and residents of Lydgate Lodge.

What do we do?

Each week, a group of KS1 and KS2 children visit the residents. We do a variety of activities; play games, craft activities, singing, art work and history projects.

The benefit to both the children and residents is wonderful to see. Our children really grow in confidence and the residents love the children going to visit.


Why do we do it?

Children and young people benefit from intergenerational activity in a variety of ways. Engaging with different groups of people who they would not usually mix with (such as older people) can encourage them to become active and involved citizens. Working across generations can address the negativity felt by adults towards younger generations, and combat some of the negative perceptions that younger people have of those they see as old. There are benefits for older people too. Engaging with young people can help them remain active as they age, learn new skills, continue to feel valued by society.


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