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Project X Code

At Lydgate we teach an inclusive curriculum. We are continually assessing and targeting our children, so that they may achieve and progress, and in order to support our children further in reading we are teaching the ‘Project X Code’.

Project X Code is a reading intervention programme that combines phonics and comprehension in order to help children decode and understand texts much more easily.  

How does it work?

Your child can start at any point in the set of 56 books, however regardless of their entry point, they will all learn about the story adventure through watching the 3d characters on the video launch!  Here they will be introduced to characters, the adventure zones and tasks they will be going on the adventures with.

The reading programme, set for 6 weeks, will be timetabled 2-3 times a week in a group of no more than 4 children.  During this time your child will be assessed, questioned and challenged in their reading abilities.  They will have different activities dependent on which book they will be reading and once they have completed a set of 4 books they will complete a ICT programme in that zone.



The series tells the story of Macro Marvel, owner of ‘Micro-world’, who’s been shrunk and captured inside by CODE.  Mini, Macro Marvels daughter, along with Team X: Max, Kat, Ant and Tiger have to find and rescue him, defeating CODE and his team of robots! CODE wants to shrink everyone so he can gain power to take over the world! However what he doesn’t know is that Team X possess special watches which could help them.  Can they defeat him and save Mini’s dad?!  

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